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    My Favorite Rum Punch Recipe

    Looking for the perfect Rum Punch recipe? This is a copycat of the famous Day 1 drink from Carnival Cruise lines – they call it the Funship Special. I call it the best drink ever. Do you have a favorite drink or snack that reminds you of vacation? One that instantly transports your mind to the beach or makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean? This drink is my mini vacation. I love sharing favorite drinks here on the blog – my homemade strawberry lemonade is always a hit, and so is my favorite (super easy) sangria. And who can forget about Ranch Water?! Well, it’s…

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    Ranch Water Recipe

    Ready to learn one of my favorite Texas cocktails? Here’s a simple – and DELICIOUS – ranch water recipe that is sure to become your favorite drink of the spring and summer. I’ll admit, before I started prepping to write this post I didn’t realize that Ranch Water was a Texas thing. But, this fizzy, refreshing, tequila-lime drink is one of the best cocktails around and I don’t really think it’s fair to just keep it to us Texans, so I’m sharing it with you today. What is Ranch Water? Ranch water is a really light and refreshing cocktail that consists of nothing but tequila, lime, and a sparkling water.…

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    Easy Homemade Sangria {15-Minute Recipe}

    How to make the most incredible easy homemade sangria you’ve ever had. This recipe is incredibly easy, fast to put together, and quite possibly the most delicious drink you’ve ever made! Who doesn’t love sangria?! This recipe is a staple in our refrigerator year-round. It takes mere minutes to throw together, but when you serve it at a dinner party your guests are pretty much guaranteed to be blown away by how delicious it is. Just don’t tell them that it was also the easiest recipe you’ve ever followed! If you want to feel extra fancy, be sure to grab a few extra lemons, oranges, or apples to slice up…

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