Spring Bucket List Ideas

Y’all! It’s SPRING. It’s actually HERE!

Are you as excited as me?

I don’t think it’s possible. I’m really excited.

I always say that fall is my favorite season. But then, spring gets here and every year I’m reminded of how desperately I love it. It feels like everything around me is slowly coming back to life. The days start to feel a little longer. I can pull out my shorts and dresses again. The promise of summer hangs in the air.

Basically, it’s a wonderful time.

I’ve been sharing our seasonal bucket lists here on the blog for a while now, and it’s always really fun to hear what you guys are doing each season as well. Now that we have a kid, I’m constantly looking for fun ways to make each day feel special, and for me having a bucket list is a really great way to make that happen.

Our Spring Bucket List

You can see last spring’s bucket list here, and if you want to see all of our seasonal bucket lists, you can do that too. But, here’s what we’re going to be doing this spring:

a spring bucket list for families

I’m getting a little giddy just looking at this list. Outdoors! Sun! Ice cream! It’s going to be fabulous.

There are many things on this list that we do any time of year – sidewalk chalk, flea markets, and baking cookies come to mind. But, there’s something about putting these everyday activities on a list and calling them “spring activities” that really makes them feel special. Doing things with your family with purpose and intention really makes even the most mundane activities seem important, and when we have a list like this we are a lot more likely to have some intentional family time throughout the season!

We usually like to print out our bucket lists and put them up on the refrigerator. This helps us look at it on a regular basis and remember the things we want to do. It’s also a fun way to get Jackson a little more involved and have him help cross things off! Fun fact – I didn’t look back at our bucket list from last spring at all while I was making this one, but when I pulled it up to write this post I realized they’re very similar! And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that! Each season comes with it’s own traditions, and if you really embrace them and do the same sorts of things year after year, they’ll start to feel less like an everyday activity and more like a sacred family ritual.

Who knew all it takes to make everything in life feel a little more special is to put it on a list?! You learn something new every day, am I right?!

Okay – I showed you mine, now you show me yours! I’d love to hear about what you hope to do with your family this spring.¬†What are some things you would put on your spring bucket list?

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