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    5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer Break

    Looking for some fun and surprising ways to celebrate the first day of summer break with your kids? Here are 5 really great ideas! Our family is huge on tradition. We sometimes joke that if we do something twice, it automatically becomes a tradition – and it’s not far from the truth! My oldest son loves nothing more than starting up a new tradition, and if I plan a fun event one year you’d better believe I’ve gotta do something similar the next! So, last year when I planned a quick overnight “kick off to summer break” trip, I knew that this was going to become a thing for us.…

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    The Ultimate Summer Bucket List {80+ Ideas}

    Looking for fun ways to keep your kids busy this summer? This printable summer bucket list has tons of ideas for you and your kid for things to add to your summer bucket list! Summer is upon us, my friends! I really do love this time of year, but after leaving my job as a teacher a few years back I find that I don’t look forward to summer with quite the fervor I used to. Summer used to mean freedom from responsibility and several wonderful months to just do whatever I wanted. Now? It means three months of trying to juggle work and entertaining two small children (one of…

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    2021 Summer Bucket LIst

    It’s summer bucket list time – can you believe it?! Last week was Jackson’s last week of school, so it’s officially summer around here. We kicked off our summer with a quick overnight trip to a local kid-focused hotel (Kalahari, for you locals) and this is our first full week of summer break. I always like to take it relatively easy this time of year, but if you’ve been around for any length of time you’ll know I’m a big advocate for structure during the summer, because it keeps us all sane and happy. I’ve still got to work throughout the summer months, but I also want to be sure…

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